Eschatology Articles

"What Did Those Close to John Believe about the Millennium?" by Michael Vlach

What Does Christ as "True Israel" Mean for the Nation Israel? A Critique of the Non-dispensational Understanding by Michael J. Vlach

"Hebrews and Eschatological Systems" by Brian Colmery 

"Rescued from Wrath" by Carlos Cuellar (a case for a pre-trib rapture)

"The Hermeneutic of Reinterpretation: An Essential of Non-dispensational Interpretation" by Michael Vlach

A Critique of Sam Waldron's MacArthur's Millennial Manifesto by Jesse Johnson

"Nations in the Eternal State" by Andrew Kim 

"An Analysis of Martyn Lloyd-Jones' View of the Millennium," by Tom Drion

"Worship in Messiah's Kingdom" by Kent Maitland (A look at Messiah Temple of Ezekiel 40-48)

"Continuity and Discontinuity Between the Millennium and Eternal State" by Massimo Mollica

Platonism's Influence on Christian Eschatology by Michael J. Vlach 

"Premillennialism as a Weapon in the Early Church," by Michael J. Vlach

"40 Recommended Resources for Understanding Dispensationalism" by Michael J. Vlach

"Is Revelation 20 the Only Supporting Text for Premillennialism?" by Michael J. Vlach

"'All Israel Will Be Saved': The Nature and Circumstances of the Salvation Mentioned in Rom 11:25-27," by Ken Stiles

"The Church: A Search for Definition," by Erik Swanson (A comparison of Covenant and Dispensational Views of the Church)

"Genre and the Book of Revelation," by Erik Swanson

"A Critique of Covenant Theology," by Ken Stiles

"Variations within Supersessionism," by Michael J. Vlach

"The Strength of the Apostles' Portrayal of Christ as the Fuflillment of Messianic Prophecy," by Alvin Varughese (A helpful paper for understanding how the NT uses the OT)

"The Kingdom Program in Matthew's Gospel," by Michael J. Vlach

A Book Review of Kim Riddlebarger's Book, A Case for Amillennialism by Massimo Mollica

A Book Review of Blomberg and Chung's Book, A Case for Historic Premillennialism, by Erik Swanson