Epicenter Conference Evaluates Replacement Theology

Written by Michael Vlach on .

Joel Rosenberg’s Epicenter Conference 2012 met Sept 12-15 in Albuquerque, NM (www.Epicenterconference.com). A major focus of the conference was on addressing Replacement Theology and its assertion that the church replaced or superseded Israel as the people of God.


There are two sessions I want to draw your attention to. The first is a discussion panel that Joel Rosenberg, Michael Rydelnik, Skip Heitzig, and I participated in. Here we discuss what Replacement Theology is and why it developed. We also address the various forms of this view including the rise of so-called “fulfillment theology.”


The second is a message by Michael Rydelnik who is a professor at Moody Bible Institute. Here he offers a refutation of Replacement Theology from the New Testament. He documents how the NT actually affirms the OT promises to Israel. This is a message that cuts at the heart of the replacement/fulfillment position.


So in addition to the various books by Barry Horner (Future Israel), Ronald Diprose (Israel and the Church), and me (Has the Church Replaced Israel?) that have addressed Replacement Theology, these two videos should be of help as well. Make sure you watch them. Here are the links:


Discussion Panel on Replacement Theology: http://epicenterconference.com/media/videoPlayer/epicenter_2012_panel_discussion


Michael Rydelnik’s refutation of Replacement Theology from the New Testament: http://epicenterconference.com/media/videoPlayer/epicenter_2012_dr._michael_rydelnik