Speaking Engagements

The following are topics Michael Vlach specializes in:

Refuting Supersessionism (Replacement Theology)
* What is Supersessionism?
* Supersessionism in Church history
* Why some believe the Church replaces Israel in God's plan
* The Biblical case for a future for national Israel

How to Study the Bible (Hermeneutics)
* Bible interpretation in Church history
* Errors to avoid when interpreting the Bible
* The importance of context
* How to interpret narratives, wisdom literature, the Gospels
* How to interpret the epistles, parables, and prophecy
* Empowering people with proper Bible study tools

Eschatology (Doctrine of the last things)
* The doctrine of the end times in Church history
* Explanations of eschatological views:
   - Futurism, Historicism, and Preterism
   - Premillennialism, Amillennialism, and Postmillennialism
   - Pretribulationism, Midtribulationism, and Posttribulationism

How We Got the Bible
* How did the Bible originate?
* Why you can trust the Bible
* Why are there so many versions?

* What is postmodernism?
* The nine characteristics of the postmodern era
* How does postmodernism contrast with premodernism and modernism?


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